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The Road to Miss America – Miss Montana Lauren Scofield

Photo Courtesy: The Miss America Organization

The next contestant to be featured for our series, “The Road to Miss America,” is Miss Montana, Lauren Scofield.

Age: 22

Hometown: Havre, Montana

Platform Issue: STEM – Creating a Pipeline of Innovative Leaders

Talent: Piano

Education: Studied Biochemistry-Molecular Biology at Carroll College

Scholastic Ambition: Obtain a Doctor of Medicine degree; specializing in Obstetrics/Gynecology

Scholastic Honors: Dean’s List Honoree; Research Assistant at the Dr. Nghiem Merkel Cell Carcinoma lab; STEM Round-Up Student Director; Elected as Student Government Treasurer at Carroll College; Chemistry Department Teachers’ Assistant & Safety Officer.

My Proud Accomplishment: I was selected as a student researcher to look into the sexual assault climate at Carroll College. From this research, I was able to be a representative to the “Not In Our State” sexual assault prevention conference as well as provide resources for sexual assault survivors on campus.

My Motivation: I was raised to be motivated by my constant desire to learn.  I am never satisfied by complacency, but instead am always searching for learning opportunities that allow me to form a deeper understanding of other people and the world around me.

Lauren would like to address the need for an increased awareness in exposing children of all ages to STEM activities.  As a college graduate with a degree in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology, she recognizes the value of math and science education that began at a young age and was nurtured by continuous support throughout her life.  Her mission is to present motivating and interesting STEM ideas to students who will benefit from these experiences by inspiring them to pursue a deeper knowledge in STEM areas, which are necessary to create positive intellectual growth both personally and globally.