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On Camera Sizzle – Jennifer Irene Gonzalez

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez is one of the most sought after international models; she has been working around the globe and making her name a household name. The intoxicating Taiwanese-Spanish model was crowned Miss Taiwan USA in 2010 and placed top… Continue reading

Something Old, Something New, Something Reused?

Every single day, millions of people actively use the famous smartphone application, Instagram. In recent events Instagram altered its privacy policy terms. The gist of the statement was that Instagram would be able to sell its users photographs for advertising… Continue reading

‘Tis The Season

‘Tis the season for boozing, schmoozing, and party cruising. As a host it is your job to ensure a fa-la-la-abulous party. But let’s be honest, when in the history of holiday party hosting has anything ever gone as planned?

It… Continue reading

Prince Charming Who?

Roses are dying Violets are blue Feelings really suck And boys do too

You forgot to look where you were going…daydreaming when you fell head over heels down the rabbit hole. Blinded by soft kisses and the way the scent… Continue reading

Get Bitter or Get Better?

At the breaking point of a relationship, one is left with two choices on how to handle the situation:

1. Will you walk away from the breakup, allowing yourself to become a better person and heal from the heartbreak?

2.… Continue reading

Get With The Program

For those pessimistic haters out there in the world saying that the youth of our world is wasting away due to the fact they spend every waking hour glued to their iPhones and social media applications, I would like to… Continue reading

MIA Fest Day 1 – The Coachella of Philadelphia

This past May, the official Made In America festival press conference was held outside the Philadelphia Art Museum, where I was in attendance. I had the chance to meet the curator of the event who is none other than… Continue reading

Why? – Rapper Edition

Hip-Hop music is an entity that connects individuals from all walks of life. It can infect and influence its audience with memorable melodic hooks, mesmerizing beats and clever punch lines. Other times, the lyrics make you wonder what these artists… Continue reading

Divya’s Tips, Tricks & Top Picks: A Fresh Face

Washing your face in the morning and before bed is very important and helps stops breakouts before they occur.

Top Pick: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser Pros: Oil free; Non-irritating; Doubles as a make-up remover Cost: $6 –… Continue reading

Simi In The City – Clashing Cultures and Mom2Be

In this segment of Simi in the City, our very own Simi Jacob, takes on two more sensitive topics: cross-culture marriages and having pre-marital baby. Simi speaks from the heart, relating to one of our readers and… Continue reading