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Interning At Bravura Magazine

High School & College Internships at Bravura Magazine

Here’s how to apply for one of our fun, fearless, internships.
Bravura Magazine is always looking for enthusiastic college-bound or undergrads with a big passion for magazines, fashion, entertainment & the arts, to work with our editors during the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Our ideal candidates are motivated, creative, those who multitask, and also individuals with great written (and verbal!) communication skills. If this sounds like you, you may apply by E-mailing your resume and cover letter to:

Tirusha Dave, Editor-in-Chief

In your cover letter, please specify which department you’re most interested in (articles, web, fashion, beauty, art, photo, books, movies, etc.), the semester you’re available, and why you’d make an awesome intern.


How long do the programs run? And when are the application deadlines for each?
Summer (late May through mid-August): 2/28
Fall (early September through late December): 6/16
Winter (early January through end of January): 10/15
Spring (Early February through mid-May): 10/31

Do I need to have had a previous magazine internship to be considered?
While it helps, we don’t require that our interns have previous magazine experience. In fact, we’ve found that some of our best interns have been total newcomers to the magazine world. However, we do love to see involvement with websites, blogs, and/or school publications on the resumes of our applicants to get a sense of their interest in the field.

Can I intern at Bravura Magazine if I’ve already graduated from school?
Unfortunately, our internships are only open to college-bound and undergrad students who are eligible to receive college credit. If you’re seeking an internship without school/college credit, you are still eligible to apply. Grad school applicants will also be considered. (Additionally, please note that all Bravura Magazine internships are unpaid.)

Are there any availability requirements?
Yes. We require that Bravura Magazine interns are able to “work” 15 hours a week towards their internship.

What is a typical day like?
While there’s really no such a thing as a “typical day” here at Bravura Magazine (assignments vary so widely!), intern responsibilities often include assisting editors with research and reporting, transcribing interviews, compiling stories, calling in products, brainstorming ideas, and providing administrative support to staffers.

I interned once at Bravura Magazine and would love to return. Is it possible to intern more than once?
We like to open the internships to as many students as possible; if you have previously interned with us, please send us your updated resume, the work you’ve accomplished since your internship with us, and let’s get the conversation started! You never know where it might lead ☺