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The "Write" Stuff

You’ve read their stories! You’ve enjoyed their thoughts! Now it’s time to meet the people with the “write” touch who’ve helped to establish Bravura Magazine over the years as your go-to source for all things music, Bollywood, Hollywood, fashion, lifestyle & more!

Tamiz Rezvi, Creative Director: Tamiz has played a vital role for Bravura Magazine even prior to taking the role as Creative Director. He has always shown a positive attitude towards the rest of the team and though he’s criticism can sometimes be constructive, everyone has always bettered themselves with his advice. Since stepping into the role of Creative Director, Tamiz has immediately shown charge and taken on challenges & multiple challenges. He’s engaged himself in creating and putting together Bravura Magazine’s 5-year anniversary digital issue, which is quite the task. However he has carefully monitored all those submitting articles, and has carefully worked towards all deadlines.

Rafael D. Ortiz, Director of Cinematography: Rafael is the Founder of InFocus Film Works, a production company in the heart of New York City, whose goal was to express cinema in a unique way. He has shot & directed music videos vary in genre from Reggaeton to Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, rock and pop. He has also collaborated with well known music industry producers such as Theo Brown, CEO of D-Up Entertainment, and well known artists such as Don Omar, Young Hash, Tito El Bambino, Tego Calderon, Plan B and Fabolous to name a few. Over the years, he has quickly expanded his portfolio to include documentaries, live performances, short films, couture fashion and commercial videos.

Prashanth Gorantala, Lead Photographer: Prashanth is one our our in-house and lead photographers. Not only does he shoot high-fashion, but also pageant for the publication! He recently shot our upcoming cover with Miss New Jersey, Brenna Weick, with couture designer, Samina Mughal!

Naina Ruhail, Beauty Editor: Currently based in London, Naina is a freelance Makeup Artist, and blogger, and originally from Delhi, India. Her blog is called ISpeakWhatYouLove. She blogs about everything which her readers love, from beauty to fashion to travel and life. She also conducts personal makeup workshops on her YouTube channel. Naina’s column, Naina Speaks, will also feature an interesting Q&A from our readers! So if you have any makeup questions, please be sure to send them over to us –!

Ashley Rice, Beauty Contributor: Ashley is a self taught makeup artist from New Jersey, with over 6 years of honing her craft. She thrives to keep up with the latest trends and techniques by attending makeup workshops and seminars. Ashley’s mission is to ensure that every client feels confident and beautiful, while providing them with them with the latest techniques and tricks. Ashley’s bubbly and energetic personality makes her clients feel at ease. Her talent and personality has gotten her to do the things she has only dreamed about.She has done a national ad for Sephora inside JCP. She also worked with one of Beyonce Knowles band members Crystal J.Torres, by doing her makeup for her debut album “Life Lessons Vol.1”. Ashley enjoys when women feel as though they have an extra boost of confidence just from the makeup application experience or just burst out into tears. It makes what she does that more enjoyable knowing she has the ability to change how someone views themselves. Ashley has a true talent of achieving a flawless application for her clients with ease. She has delighted thousands of women with her makeup magic. Now is your chance to experience that magic too!

John Leon, Fashion Editor: John Leon has been freelance modeling for four years and has been designing and creating women’s clothing since 2011. He first began sketching women’s clothing at the very young age of 5. Leon began to sketch women’s clothing without having any understanding that he was beginning a career in fashion design. When he attended 4th grade his artwork was noticed by his teachers. They saw potential in John, and encouraged him to pursue a career in the fashion industry. As years went by he started developing a better understanding of fashion and the industry. Leon then realized that becoming a Fashion Designer would be his ultimate goal in life. By the age of 19, Leon had shown his designs in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and premiered his first collection Puncture alongside Shay Sutton, of Scripted Designs, and her Angels and Demons collection in Philadelphia in 2011.


Amanda Peacock, Intern: Amanda was previously the title holder for Miss Atlantic Shores’ Outstanding Teen, in 2016. Not only is she heavily involved in the pageant world; however, she is also an advocate for her personal platform, Just Drive #ItCanWait. Prior to giving up her title, she stated, “I am very passionate about my platform and I do not need a crown to continue to advocate for this cause.” Here at Bravura Magazine, Amanda assists our Editor-in-Chief on set of many photoshoots.


Kery Coiro, In-House Hair Stylist: Kerry has over 20 years of experience as a hairstylist. The past three years I have been strictly a freelance artist specializing in formal hair ware. Bridal styling is my main passion. The past three years I have had the pleasure of being asked to be lead hairstylist during NYC fashion week for fashion designer, Samina Mughal. This past year I have went back to school to study to become a cosmetology instructor. There is always something knew to learn from talented stylists in the field. Not only do I enjoy learning I also enjoy sharing my secrets of the trade. A true artist shares their secrets…!

In-House Makeup Artist, Chelsea Marino: Chelsea grew up in a town called Galloway, which is located about twenty minutes north of Atlantic City, NJ. She didn’t do much in that town other than find out it wasn’t where she was meant to stay. She has a passion for art and a strong ability to express it through makeup. She states, “The experience in the beauty industry that I’ve craved to indulge myself in could only be found as close as New York City, therefore my decision to leave home and continue my education in Manhattan. Upon graduating from LIM College, I plan on using my degree in the corporate level of the beauty industry and hope to work internationally. All the while, I will continue to enjoy being a freelance makeup artist and involving myself in weddings, fashion shows, and entertainment industry-related experiences.”