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Meet The Editor

Tirusha is the Editor-in-Chief of Bravura Magazine, a position she has held since the magazine was established in 2007.

Tirusha became interested in writing at a very young age, but it was in college when she finally got the freedom to express herself through her writing. Before graduating with her B.A. in English (Creative Writing concentration), Tirusha started to intern with online portal, DesiClub. One of her first major interviews after starting this internship was with Bollywood director, Kunal Kohli, who in fate, turned up at her college graduation!

After building her portfolio through DesiClub, Tirusha started to pitch herself as a writer to several South Asian print magazines, slowing starting off as a writer and then eventually building herself towards editorial positions. By the time she graduated college, Tirusha was a published writer in seven different countries.

In addition to being such an exceptional writer, Tirusha slowly began to push herself as a PR personality in the South Asian music industry, having worked with artists such as Karen David, RDB & Nindy Kaur. Through her writing, Tirusha has been invited to events such as Grammy pre-parties, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, film festivals and much more. She’s had the opportunity to interviews celebrities such as Hrithik Roshan, Freida Pinto, Dev Patel, Shahrukh Khan, Sean Kingston, Manish Malhotra, leading to an endless list!

[Top left to right clockwise: Editor with Sean Kingston, Nina Sky, Shahrukh Khan & Jay Sean]


What Others Have To Say About Tirusha

Tirusha is an amazing person. Even before I brought her on board as my publicist, I always saw she was writing here, there, everywhere. And I knew that because she did interviews with me for so many magazines! She’s a great gal and very hardworking. Bravura has been her passion and so glad to see it come true!Nindy Kaur, singer

Tirusha’s Final Words
I live and breathe by the quote: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. -Walter Bagehot (English businessman, essayist & journalist)

And my final words for all our readers is quite simple: Be Yourself! Be Exceptional! Be Bravura!