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The Road to Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen 2018 – Miss South Jersey’s Outstanding Teen Brynn McKinney

When competing for the title of “Outstanding Teen,” there are many phases of competition that the contestants have to prepare for. One of those phases is talent, and our next contestant to be featured, Miss South Jersey's Outstanding Teen 2018, Brynn McKinney, is a lovely singer. Continue reading to learn more about McKinney and her journey towards the crown!

For those who may not be familiar with you, tell our readers a bit about yourself and your background within the pageant world.
My name is Brynn McKinney and I am 14 years old. I have a platform that I am very passionate about, You and Me Worry Free Fighting Anxiety, that is very personal to me from someone who lives with anxiety. I love to sing and dance and I cannot wait to compete for Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen in January!

The four points of the Miss America crown represent: service, scholarship, style, and success. Which one is the most important to you and why?
I think the most important point of the crown is service, because I believe it is important for teens today to show that we are willing to help our communities and to lend a helping hand to anyone in any situation.

During Augostina Mallous’s reign, what is one characteristic you’ve seen her bring forth as Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen, and which do you hope to emulate if you were to win the title?
One characteristic that I have seen Augustina Mallous bring forth throughout her reign as Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen, is humility and kindness to everyone with and without her crown on. If I were to win this title I would only hope to be as humble and kind as she is.

What have you learned from our current Miss New Jersey, Kaitlyn Schoeffel, that can help you be a better outstanding teen?
I have learned from Kaitlyn Schoeffel, Miss New Jersey that it is important to never set limits on your goals and to believe in yourself.

Please share with our readers your platform and why you’ve chosen to advocate for it.
My platform is You and Me, Worry Free Fighting Anxiety. My goal for my platform is to make others aware about how many people do have anxiety and to let those with anxiety know that they are not alone. My inspiration for my platform was my personal anxiety that I have been able to live with. I want to inform others on the importance of getting help and I hope that throughout my journey with my platform I am able to help others find light in what might seem like a dark tunnel.

If you were to win the title of Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen, how do you hope to better educate your generation about your platform and the importance it holds?
If I were to win this title I would hope to educate others on the importance of being aware of anxiety and knowing how to handle it. I also want to be able to speak out on a subject that is such a taboo in our society today.

Tell us about your talent and the decisions you made in proceeding with this talent.
For my talent I will be singing “Journey to the Past” from one of my favorite movies “Anastasia”. I choose this song because I truly feel that the song tells a story and I hope that I am able to portray that story to the audience.

Having been in pageants and after winning a local title, what advice do you have for those who want to start competing in the MAO system?
Some advice that I have for those who want to start competing in the MAOT system is to take risks and to have confidence in everything that you do.

Because of the way media and certain television networks have portrayed the lifestyle of pageantry, there is a preconceived notion of what a pageant girl is like. How do you think that being a part of the Miss America Organization you are able to break that barrier.
One way I can break that barrier by competing in the MAOT system is being kind and humble to others with and without my crown on.

Regardless of who wins the title of Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen, what is one goal which you have for them, which you hope they will accomplish during their reign?
Regardless of who wins I hope that they are able to go throughout their reign confidently and grow as a young woman.

Bravura is an artistic word for exceptional. Tell our readers what make you “bravura.”
Something that makes me bravura is my ability to share creativity and artistic expression through singing and dancing.

Where can fans follow you on social media?
Fans can follow me on: Instagram- @msjoteen Facebook- Brynn McKinney; Miss South Jersey’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship Organization; You and Me Worry Free Fighting Anxiety

Do you have any final words for the readers of Bravura Magazine?
Always remember that you are unique and able to do ANYTHING you put your mind to!