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The Road to MAOTeen 2018 – Tia Moua, Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen

Sash Girl 101 is back! I have another Outstanding Teen to introduce you all to! Next to be featured as part of our series, "The Road to Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2018," is none other than Tia Moua, Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen! Continue reading to learn more about Tia and her journey to MAOTeen 2018!

What is your platform and what are you doing to bring awareness towards it? How do you hope to use the title of MAOTeen to bring awareness on a national level if you were to win the title?
My platform is Volunteerism: Giving Your Time and Talents. I share my passion for volunteering with others through educating students in schools and mentoring groups about the benefits of volunteering and how they can get involved in their communities. I also utilize social media by posting photos of me volunteering to demonstrate how fun, simple and rewarding volunteering is! I also invite people to event pages on Facebook and post volunteer opportunities on my Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen and personal page to spread the word! As Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, I will continue to promote my platform through social media and television interviews to engage a large audience in volunteerism and speak at various events across the nation about the benefits of volunteering and encourage others to get involved! Using my partnership with the United Way Organization, I will educate and encourage people to volunteer at speaking engagements to significantly increase the amount of volunteers across the nation!

What have you learned from your current MAOTeen, Nicole Jia, which you hope to incorporate as a title-holder?
The current MAOTeen, Nicole Jia, is a beautiful and talented teen who has taught me to live more selflessly. She inspires me with her #BeSelfless campaign to recognize the great work that many others are doing to help in their communities! As a titleholder, I will also recognize others on social media and by thanking them in person for doing great volunteer work in their community and to share the positive effort to make our communities a better place.

What motivated you to be a part of the MAO, and how did you to work towards winning your state title?
I was motivated to be part of the MAO because I started in the program as a shy princess, in the Princess Program, and really aspired to be a confident, goal-oriented, role model that I saw my current local Teen and Miss titleholders were. I fell in love with serving my community as a princess and wanting to be a role model to inspire all people, especially young girls, to chase after their dreams and to take as many opportunities as possible to help grow as an individual, because I sure did as a princess and now title holder.

To prepare for my pageant, I was involved in many mock interviews with panels of judges. I also rehearsed my talent a lot! I am a dancer and my talent is a sassy and fun jazz dance! I got into my dance studio and rehearsed my dance numerous times. I practiced walking in my heels a lot too to break in my shoes and to make sure I was comfortable! Also, I practiced my fitness routine often until I felt confident in the moves. A lot of work and preparation goes into competing in a pageant, which is why I absolutely applaud every girl who has ever competed in a pageant. It has taught me to work hard and stay dedicated towards a goal. I have learned to sweat a lot now, so I can have fun and feel confident when it comes to the pageant time! I am so thankful to the Miss America Organization for teaching me how to live a healthy lifestyle and to be my best self!

Tell us three fun facts about you!
a) I am the first Hmong-American state titleholder in the Miss America Organization!
b) I live in a household of ten, with the ages ranging from 3 years old to 84 years old.
c) I got lost in DisneyLand- twice-!



For more information on the 2018 MAO Teen pageant, please click here. You can also learn more about being a part of this wonderful organization as well!