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Sunny Leone


Calling all fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers!

Bravura Magazine has a few big announcements for the remainder of 2012, the first being that we are going to hold our first annual fashion photography contest. This year… Continue reading

Jism 2′s Title Song Trailer Is Finally Released

Fans of Sunny Leone can finally let stop biting their nails because the Censor Board of India has given the music promo of the upcoming movie, Jism 2, an “A” Certificate.

With that announcement, the director of the movie, Pooja Bhatt made a decision to released an uncensored version of songs and promo on the Internet.

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Sunny Leone Gears Up For Bollywood Debut

Sunny Leone is soaking in the sun in India as she prepares for her debut release via Bollywood – Jism 2.

In a press statement Leone stated, “The journey has been everything and more. Each day on set is different because you are never shooting the same thing twice. Each scene requires different emotions and at the end of the day, I eat my dinner and fall asleep. I feel bad for not socializing as much as I want to but Pooja Bhatt has taught me ‘Be selfish for your shot’ and that sometimes means not hanging out and going to bed early. I believe in my gut and heart that this movie will be a success. For me, it already is and I look forward to seeing the finished project. Everyone on the set has worked really hard.”

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Sunny Leone Enters Big Boss

So my lovely readers! We shared with you our interview with the lovely Sunny Leone and we also told you that she’s headed to India where she will be on Big Boss, Season 5! Well look no further as here’s her grand entrance on the show!

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Exclusive Interview With Sunny Leone

Over the course of the years, Sunny Leone has made quite the name for herself. Even though she came from a traditional Sikh family in Canada, she broke the dorms of the “Desi lifestyle” in order to pursue her career and what she felt she was passionate about. Her most recent work in the “Desi community” has been that she was featured in G-Deep’s music video, Bring It Back. Fire & Ice recently hosted a video release party where Sunny was present and we were invited to attend for an exclusive interview! Check out Sunny Leone in G-Deep’s video, Bring It Back, also!

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Kiran’s Korner – Music Must Haves

Being the music enthusiast that I am, my music taste is very eclectic ranging from Lady Gaga hits to Hard Core Bhangra tunes and everything in between. We have just a few weeks left for this summer season and I wanted to share a few hits that will rock any outdoor summer party/barbeque. Below are a few songs that have been on heavy rotation in my car this week.

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