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PSV Garuda Vega – My Revival Towards Telegu Films

For anyone who knows me, they know that I am an aficionado of Bollywood movies. But in recent years, I have started to explore some other foreign films, and with that, I mean Telegu movies. I recently had the chance to see PSV Garuda Vega, and I must admit, it kept me at the edge of my seat for quite sometime. I am extremely honest when I say this: I could not find one part of the movie which was not appealing; the high-tech special effects, cinematography, and story-line - just to name a few - were quite gripping. From start to finish, the entire movie was thrilling, to say the least. It’s not everyday that you get to say that about a movie; and for anyone who watches Bollywood or Telegu movies, we know that there is always one standard formula to success: action + romance + comedy. Nonetheless, PSV Garuda Vega's producer, Praveen Sattaru, stuck to one formula only: action + great storyline! And because of that, the movie was quite successful at keeping you on the edge of your seat.

As the movie began, I felt as if I was in the theater watching some of my favorite Hollywood action movies – those similar to Die Hard, James Bond, and even the Bourne series. From the opening scene there was suspense, as we wondered who this hacker, Niranjan, was – played by Adith Arun – what these files are, and who he is trying to bargain with. Let me tell you – I was nothing short of engaged from this point on-wards. Thereafter, we were introduced to the protagonist of the movie – Shekhar – played by Rajasekhar Varadharajan, who has a career spanning 30 years; after seeing this movie, I am very tempted to see what else he has acted in. Which means, I would have to see 70+ movies!

PSV Garuda Vega is impressive – to say the least! And as any movie, they did not forget a special touch of masala, which came into play with one of the most anticipated item-songs, Deo Deo, featuring the beautiful Sunny Leone.

Producer Praveen Sattaru has reminded movie-goers, what it is like to be whole-heartedly involved in a movie, with this release. What I also enjoyed about the movie were the locations; Sattaru shot Georgia, part of Eurasia, which is not a location many Telegu or Bollywood movies have ventured into. The editing of the movie is also impeccable. And the other thing which kept viewers of the movie gripped was the background music, which assisted in elevating emotions throughout the entire movie.

There is already chatter in the movie industry that Sattaru is working on his next movie; and I am sure after the success & hype from PSV Garuda Vega, his fans will be eagerly waiting. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’re missing out on a lot! It’s still playing in selected theaters, and will be available on DVD before you know it! In the meantime, check out the trailer for this movie!