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Miss America 2018 Cara Mund – Toe Dip

Cara Mund made history as she became the first contestant from North Dakota to be crowned Miss America! The morning began with an awesome group of women who wore their tiaras and swimsuit-printed T-shirts, as they rode their bikes to Boardwalk Hall and congratulated the newly crowned Miss America! One of the women, Lucille Rendina, who hails from Atlantic City, stated, "We’ve been doing this too many years to count...we just like to come here, welcome her to Atlantic City and wish her great luck during the next year.”

Here is a little preview of Miss America Cara Mund’s toe dip. During her walk on the beach, Cara and I had the opportunity to talk about a few different things; and then she brought up one special person, and the conversation hit home! Watch the video to find out who she mentions <3

Check out some shots from Cara’s first morning as Miss America, and took part in the traditional toe-dip “ceremony,” as many like to call it! Thank you to P.G. Photography for capturing these shots!