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Designer: Yuna Yang – “The Lights in the Shadow”

Designer, Yuna Yang, showcased her FW 2017 collection that was inspired by women taking a stand in troubled times.

Yuna Yang’s FW17 collection shows that​ “light shines brighter in the darkness.”  She ​features both looks with bold prints and dancing colors and looks that play with chiaroscuro, such as dark velvet and light fabric. Women protesting in the streets of South Korea, the US Women’s March and elsewhere inspired Yuna Yang. With the FW 2017 runway show, Yuna Yang celebrates women who make their social and political voices heard “the power of one person holding a candle.”

Social and political movements have always expressed their inner light through fashion, whether suffragettes or hippies. YUNA YANG’s F/W17 collection pays homage to people who hold on to hope and belief in shadowed times. Yuna’s collection features both ​bright prints with dancing lights and darkly elegant pieces with ​measured shadows.  She has 19​70’s -inspired​ pants with modern flower prints. She uses metallic fabrics to​ transform sweatshirts into​ sophisticated day to evening-wear. Finally, since even activists need their downtime, she introduces trendy lounge-wear, such as​sophisticated French lace pajamas with silk piping.

See images YUNA YANG’s F/W 2017 ready-to-wear collection below: