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Daily Archives: August 28, 2011

Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Expecting!

One of the greatest musical couples of today’s young generation, is hands down, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Today was a great day in music and entertainment as MTV hosted their annual VMA (Video Music Award) show. And of course walking the red carpet for the event, was none other than the proud mother-to-be, Beyonce, herself! Continue reading

Kiran's Korner – Top 5 Beauty Items I Can't Live Without

Hope you guys enjoyed my song selection in my prior post Music Must Haves. From music I want to move to another very important topic and that topic is beauty products! Like most females, I also have a few essential beauty items that I use on a daily basis and cannot leave the house without.

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Fitchuation No More

When you’re a celebrity, you’re always given clothes to promote and in exchange, you get a lot of freebies and of course, the inevitable, money.

Cast members quickly became a hit when MTV launched its first season in December of 2009. What got people into the show the most was the fighting, drinking and partying…all Jersey “Fist Pump” style. When The Jersey Shore, skyrocketed, everyone in the business field, was trying to grab one of the cast members as their spokesperson. Flip through the channels right now and you’ll see Ronnie doing promos for power drinks and Snookie for pistachios. Continue reading

Rainy Day Essentials

Admit it…you hate the rain. I do too…especially when it’s a day that you’ve just washed and blow dried your hair. It gets frizzy and just looses its volume. With Irene having just passed through my hometown, I was inspired to write a “rainy day” article! So here are my picks for what every gal should have in her closest because when it rains…it pours! Continue reading

Importance of a Morning Breakfast

Is it a mistake to skip the morning breakfast? It is a good mistake or bad mistake? Well one of the biggest nutritional mistakes that many people make is skipping the breakfast meal, which is the first meal of the day. There are many reasons why individuals do this and the reasons are endless. Some skip because they are too busy and don’t have time to prepare something. Some believe that by skipping morning breakfast, calories will be saved from the meal which will help them with weight loss. There are also those that just don’t appeal for breakfast foods.

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