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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Halloween Hosting

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time you start looking into your party planning and get those last minute things done now. Because before you know it, it’ll be time to great your Trick-o-Treaters with the awesome evening you’ve got planned! We thought it would be great to share a few spooky and fun-filled ideas for your upcoming get-together! And if you have an idea you’d like to share with us, then send us your thoughts: contact@BravuraMagazine.com! Continue reading

Kiran’s Korner – American Desi Artists – Rapper Raja Wilco

Hello music lovers!

Noticing the insane amount of musical talent that comes from this side of the world, I have decided to show case Desi artists that represent the U S of A. I will be featuring one artist each week on Kiran’s Korner. Make sure you all keep a look out for which artists I post about. I need your full support with this project that will be recognizing many hard-working individuals. Hope everyone enjoys what I’ll be putting together.

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The Price of High Heels

We all love our shoes, especially women. And being a girl myself, my favorite pair of shoes to wear, whether it’s a dress, jeans, skirt…anything…are high-heels.

But ask yourself one thing: When are high heels too much?

Now don’t get… Continue reading

Momentum Builds as Host Committee Expands Roster; Reveals Logo and Advertising Campaign

For Immediate Release:

Drive to New York/New Jersey Super Bowl Advances as Officials Kick Off Countdown to Historic Game in February 2014 Momentum Builds as Host Committee Expands Roster; Reveals Logo and Advertising Campaign

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Joins Co-Chairmen… Continue reading

Mumbai Masala – Speedy Singhs

This movie follows the path of cross cultural drama films that have been experimented in the past – Akshay Kumar’s Patiala House, Bend it Like Beckham and John Abraham’s Goal are among them.

Speedy Singhs boasts of a plot which had the ability to touch the hearts of the Indian, like it did to me. However, many Bollywood films with sports as the primary background have been done in the past. Speedy Singhs borrows a lot from those films. In fact, it would have worked well if the makers had given more of a thought into the plot.

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Mumbai Masala – Mausum

Mausum was Pankaj Kapoor’s directorial debut. My expectations were high and promos made it more higher. But I must say the first half was very good.

But then on, I was waiting for it to end. The movie became quite boring and stretched. Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor were really good in it and looked comfortable as they played their roles. But I, and I’m sure others, expected a crisp film from Pankajji. Continue reading

63rd Annual Emmy Awards: Who Hit Their Mark & Who Fell Fashionably Short

The awards have been distributed, the toasts have been made, and now that the curtain is drawn at the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Millions of viewers from around the world were left wondering one thing…what were they thinking?

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A Model's Grace

For all you aspiring models out there, I’m sure you all knew that this past weekend was Couture Fashion Week and of course, Bravura Magazine was there to cover the event and bring back the latest scoop for all you lovely people!

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Comics, Mangas, and New York…Oh My!

We are very proud to have guest writer Liz Tsygan here on Bravura Magazine and she has quite an interesting story to share with all our readers! This girl is very passionate when it comes to Comic Con. And what might this be? You’ll just have to keep on reading to learn more about Liz, her passion, and Comic Con!

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Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles of 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, the one thing that people are thinking about are trends, trends, and trends. One of the trends we thought we would share with you are wedding dress trends! So if you’re a bride-to-be, or have a friend that’s getting married, this is one article that you’ll want to share with them! The first style we’ve got lined up for you are ruffles. As sassy as they sound; they are elegant and look lovely on any bride. If you want to create an impact, then ruffles is truly the way you would want to go. Continue reading