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Simi In The City

Get Bitter or Get Better?

At the breaking point of a relationship, one is left with two choices on how to handle the situation:

1. Will you walk away from the breakup, allowing yourself to become a better person and heal from the heartbreak?

2.… Continue reading

Simi In The City – Clashing Cultures and Mom2Be

In this segment of Simi in the City, our very own Simi Jacob, takes on two more sensitive topics: cross-culture marriages and having pre-marital baby. Simi speaks from the heart, relating to one of our readers and… Continue reading

Simi In The City – A College Casanova and Bride To Be

When it comes to being in a long-term, and moreover, committed relationship, there are a lot of questions and thoughts which come forth. Simi takes on two in-depth questions from readers and we’re certain that there are more than just… Continue reading

Simi in the City – Readers Questions Part 1

Hey readers! So we’ve decided to begin a Q&A section where readers are encouraged to email us questions about love, friendships, relationships- anything they might just need a second opinion on. Make sure to send us a code name just to keep the privacy! Here’s kicking off the first two we received.

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Simi in the City – Friends With Benefits

After watching the summer romantic comedy release called Friends with Benefits, in July starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, it brought about an array of questions in regards to the topic. Can a guy and a girl have a live in relationship and not get fully attracted to each other? My answer- Not possible.

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Simi In The City – 3 Things Guys & Girls Want

Hello Bravura readers! Since my column is mainly going to be about love & relationships, for my first article I thought I’d kick it off by conducting a little survey and getting various opinions from some people around me. After all, learning how the general population thinks usually helps in understanding certain things like the rules of attraction and motivation for desire. A very simple survey it was- one question which asked about the 3 things you look for in the opposite sex and the other question asked interviewees to share with me the best date he/she has ever been on. I got some pretty interesting responses and it really opened my eyes up to how creative the answers were. Keep in mind, I surveyed men and woman of all ages and races so I got a variety of responses… enjoy! XoXo

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