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Kiran’s Korner

Kiran’s Korner – Brown Rang by Yo Yo Honey Singh

My favorite Punjabi rapper /producer – Honey Singh – just released the music video for his super hit song Brown Rang.

Honey Singh came out with his album IV – International Villager, in November 2011 and has released music videos for Dope Shope, Gabru and Angrezi Beat. The music video for Brown Rang, a song that became an instant favorite for many music lovers, was on high demand. Finally, the music video has been released. The video is very elegant, well-designed, and chic. The music video shows scenes of a beautiful Bugatti rollin’ through the streets while Honey Singh serenades a stunning “brown girl.”

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Kiran’s Korner – New Music – KUDI by Tigerstyle

Another track that has caught my eye this week is Kudi (Girl), which is the first release from Tigerstyle’s forthcoming new album titled Digi-Bhang. Tigerstyle’s new material showcases the unique direction they are taking, by making use of electronic and synthetic sounds but always fusing with Bhangra, international elements and plenty of BASS!! This track features vocals of highly acclaimed female Punjabi singer Rani Randeep and comes with a bunch of intense genre jumping remixes, pure ammunition for all dance floors.

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Kiran’s Korner – Nachengi by Bikram Singh

I recently featured an interview with Bikram Singh in which he discussed his brand new album Bik I Am and his future plans. After putting out music videos for Kinna Sohna Munda, Beyonce, as well as, Electro Love Boliyan, Bikram Singh is back with a fresh new music video for his song Nachengi. This track is yet another energy infused production by Bikram and Tigerstyle for dancefloor and iPods alike. Taken from the hit album BIK.I.AM out on Soldier Sound Recordings and Sony Music Entertainment. New York’s very own Bhangra pop star tirelessly pushes the boundaries of Punjabi folk music by use of flutes, electric guitars and horns laced with his iconic vocals.

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Kiran’s Korner – War Drum – New Music by Urvah Khan

I’ve shared music by Urvah Khan before and now she’s back with even more. Since I discovered her music, I’ve been a huge fan because her music stands apart from the same ol’ general stuff we hear all the time. I can definitely see her going places in this industry. Check out her brand new song War Drum…along with my exclusive interview with this brilliant artist. Make sure to share her new song! Leave me a comment & let me know what you think – kiran@bravuramagazine.com

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Kiran’s Korner – New Music by Jay-Z – Glory

Hip-Hop’s power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce had their baby girl this past weekend (January 7. 2012). They named the healthy baby Blue Ivy Carter – a name that has stirred a lot of attention all over social media sites. Personally, I feel that as parents, Jay and Bey are entitled to name their kid whatever they please. With that said, today, Jay-Z released a new song called Glory which is dedicated to his daughter Blue Ivy.

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Kiran’s Korner – New Music – PASA WAT Video by Kanwar & Ladla

The wait is now over. After the success of Teer, California based duo Kanwar aka Son of a Sardar and Ladla are teaming up once again for the release of the their next single entitled Pasa Wat. The track was released unofficially for free download in early 2011 By Pindcity Records, but now fans will get to see the group perform in their new HD music video. The shooting of the video took place in various bay area locations over the course of three weeks. Both North American artists are determined to present quality music and visuals to their audience in the years to come.

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Kiran’s Korner – Honey Singh feat. Gippy Grewal in Angrezi Beat

Yo Yo Honey Singh is hands down my favorite Punjabi rapper and music producer because he is current, trendy, and heavily entertaining when it comes to music. Having been a huge fan of his work for a few years now, I was looking forward to the release of his new album International Villager. Once I got my hands on IV, I have to say that I’m very much impressed with the compilation. Honey Singh featured many different artists with a bunch of different collaborations; the artists on the album are Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, Malkit Singh, Sardool Sikandar, J Star, Deep Money, Manak Ali, Raj Brar, Money Aujla, Escape, Shah, and the Late Romey Gill.

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Kiran’s Korner – Bik I Am – New Album by Bikram Singh

I’ve been a huge fan of Bikram Singh since the very beginning. I remember playing his first album, Exclusives, on repeat. Since he’s a local artist, I’ve seen him perform live a bunch of times and I really love his unique voice. So, when I found out that he was coming out with his 4th album – Bik I Am, I couldn’t wait to check it out. This album has many great tracks though Kinna Sohna Munda, Electro Love Boliyan, Naina cho Sharab, and Just for a Dance are my favorites! Below is my interview with Bikram Singh in which he talks about Bik I Am and his future plans. Make sure you guys DL the album on iTunes and show your support! Connect with Bikram on Facebook and Twitter.

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Kiran’s Korner – New Music by Jus Ritz – Faishen Vaishen feat. Foji

I’m excited to share with you all that DAS Records has released Jus Ritz‘s track, Faishen Vaishen, featuring Foji. The song is current OUT on iTunes.

Having teamed up with the award winning Foji, Jus Ritz is back with his first single, which has been penned, as well as sung, by Foji. To support this track, Jus Ritz and Foji collaborated ideas and have created a joyful and lively video concept.

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Kiran’s Korner – New Music – Jo Such by Shar. S

I came across Shar. S a while back and have been checking out his music online. He’s got a lot of substance in his music and with the release of this brand new song – Jo Such, Shar. S really shows a serious side of him. The song covers various different events that went down in history, the events that had a huge impact on the Punjabi nation.

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