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Ananya’s Music Finds – Megan Nicole: A Melodic YouTube Sensation

Megan Nicole is an artist who I have been following for years now. I remember in middle school, at the peak of my YouTube-watching days, I would sit down for hours and watch her covers of many popular songs. She has always had a very soothing voice with a feminine flair to it. Both Megan’s singles as well as a variety of her covers- both new and old- are available on iTunes and Apple Music- her voice has tremendously matured throughout the years.

Personally, I find the lyrics she sings in many of her own songs to be very relate-able. The first song of hers that I ever downloaded in 2012 was titled “B-E-A-Utiful.” Megan did a wonderful job in reaching out to her teenage audience as she sang about young love and high school/college relationships.

I have found that in each of her singles, she is able to tell a story. While many artists today will sing pointless, rhyming words just to find lyrics that go along with background music, Megan’s lyrics have a purpose and cater to a specific audience. Whether that audience is heartbroken, angry, happy, or full of adrenaline, songs such as “Mascara” and “B-E-A-Utiful” are fit to help them through it.

Her look goes along with her voice; she looks very delicate yet has many strong traits. She varies her music videos based on the song, which is a great quality to have. Each video features a different vibe and Megan captures it very well with her emotions. If her time wasn’t preoccupied with being such a phenomenal vocalist, she would have a solid shot at an acting career!

Megan is capable of singing many different genres, from pop to R&B. She has a very unique style of singing- her voice is powerful yet very soft and high. With each song she sings, no matter the genre, she puts her own twist onto it and makes it sound as if it is an original single. Although the song’s original charm is not altered, she makes it her own every single time.

Megan’s melodic voice ties perfectly with her graceful image. With over four million YouTube subscribers, she has used her platform very wisely to promote both covers of songs as well as her own songs. I look forward to hearing more of her singles whenever I’m feeling an influx of emotions.