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Miss Connecticut 2017 Photoshoot Promo

Miss Connecticut 2017, Eliza Kanner, recently stopped by so that we could do a photoshoot with her. And we had a great day with her! Our Editor-in-Chief, Tirusha Dave, wanted a very distinctive look when it came to styling Eliza. We shot on location in Princeton, New Jersey. "She has such amazing features, and I wanted a makeup and hair look which would bring those features out even more. The theme we were going for was 1930's with a modern twist, and I feel that the entire team was able to bring that to life during the shoot," Tirusha stated.

When asked about the look, lead hairstylist, Roberta Batts said, “Miss Connecticut, Eliza Kanner, has style and grace that resemble the era of early Hollywood. With a twist of liberated 2017 women, the Classic bob…waves and curls is never out of style which compliments Miss Connecticut.

And lead makeup artist, Monica Clarke, added, “… before a client sits on my chair I already see a vision of the look I’m going for. When I met Eliza, I instantly thought of Marilyn Monroe, the epitome of Hollywood glamour. Created a bold red lip, full set of lashes, dramatic cat eye and light rosy cheeks. Resulting in this vintage pin up look!

And once you fuse all of that together, you get an amazing photoshoot and production! Check out the video promo, shot by P.G. Photography, here:

And here are some behind-the-scenes looks from Eliza’s photoshoot: