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The Road to MAOTeen 2018 – Abby Quammen, Miss Kentucky’s Outstanding Teen

Hi! I am Sash Girl 101! A pageant junkie, to say the least! I am excited to be blogging for Bravura Magazine and working on their new series, The Road to Miss America's Outstanding Teen! Not only will I be highlighting the state-holders who will be vying for the title of MAO Teen 2018...but also everything from the MAO Teen preliminary competitions to the crowning moment! The first contestant we are featuring is Abby Quammen, Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen! Continue reading to learn more about Abby and her journey to MAOTeen 2018!

What is your platform and what are you doing to bring awareness towards it? How do you hope to use the title of MAOTeen to bring awareness on a national level if you were to win the title?
My platform is Read to Succeed, which focuses on emphasizing the importance of reading in success not just in your present life but for your future. Not only do I travel to schools and hold frequent book drives, but most recently, I launched a program called Bluegrass Book Buddies in partnership with the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky. This program encourages youth to pick a buddy, pick a book, and post a blurb on social media about their experience! As MAOTeen I hope to bring my Book Buddies program to the national level to emphasize the importance of reading to everyone across the nation.

What have you learned from your current MAOTeen, Nicole Jia, which you hope to incorporate as a title-holder?
I have learned the importance of kindness to EVERYONE. She is such a kind soul and spreads joy and positivity to everyone she meets and everywhere she goes.

What motivated you to be a part of the MAO, and how did you to work towards winning your state title?
I have been a performer my entire life, and singing is what I love. MAO gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent! I also have learned the importance of community service as a local titleholder, and seeing other MKYOT’s serving on such a broad level and looking up to each and every one of them as a role model, I always knew I wanted to do what they do!

Tell us three fun facts about you!

  • I got called to the final callbacks of a Broadway show but ultimately couldn’t be hired because I grew too tall.
  • I eat bananas from the bottom because I can never seem to get them open from the top.😂
  • The first book I ever read by myself was a cookbook dedicated to chocolate cake recipes.

For more information on the 2018 MAO Teen pageant, please click here. You can also learn more about being a part of this wonderful organization as well!