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Mrs. New Jersey & Mrs. Pennsylvania Pageant

Not too long ago, Lawrenceville, New Jersey was swarmed with pageant gowns, hairspray, stiletto heels and more! Why? Because the Mrs. New Jersey and Mrs. Pennsylvania pageants were back to crown new title-holders! We had the opportunity to sit down with Mrs. New Jersey United States, Jeannette Josue, and Mrs. Pennsylvania United States, Sheri Jenkins for an interview moments have they were crowned!

Mrs. Pennsylvania United States, Sheri Jenkins said that, “(for me,) I had reached out to Andrea and expressed interest…it wasn’t until march until I reached back out to her again. (my husband) fully supported it! In fact he loves it!.” She continued that her platform was, “No one Fights Alone…,” continuing, “I have lost a few friends to breast cancer; and to see women go through such a debilitating disease is heart-wrenching. I give a lot of time, energy and financial resources to the National Breast Cancer Coalition to fight and find a way to eradicate breast cancer.”

Mrs. New Jersey United States, Jeannette Josue stated that she, “was in search to compete for a Mrs. pageant; Andrea & Ceylone had such a vision of celebrating women in pageants, not just as leaders, but in a fashionable way.” And that is what really made her to be a part of this pageant system. She also added that, “I am an advocate for education and my platform is the “All Stars Project.” My immigrant parents had a hard-time paying for my school and the bet way they can was to get sponsored by the church so I could attend catholic school. The All-Start project is exactly what I am passionate about and what they want to do is empower our youth.”

And the number one thing we all know pageants represent is sisterhood. Jenkins went onto assert that, “…some of my closest and dearest friends I’ve met through pageantry; (they) supported me and lifted me up when my husband was going thru a traumatic surgery. The ones I can call and say, “I need someone to help look after my dog this weekend!” They are the ones who step up and help me all the time. I am honored to be a part of this group.”

For Josue, the feeling was mutual, as she added, “…there is such a comradery; backstage we’re helping each other get ready, making sure there are no straps hanging out..we’re doing each other’s makeup. We all want each other to do our best, and that’s what comradery is when it comes to pageantry.”

Of course we had to ask both women what was the most bravura thing about them. Jenkins smiled and said, “I think for me, one of the most valuable things about me is my nurturing ability – and that comes to me everyday as a wife and mother to my children. I just love being that wonder woman to them! I embrace the idea of being “every woman.” I am every woman. I am a career woman. I am a philanthropist. I am active in my community. And I take care of my family.”

Josue stated, “I am first-generation Filipino, and one of my aspirations was to always become a news reporter. English wasn’t the language spoken at home, and I always had that aspiration. what makes me unique is knowing that hard work will really pay off as long as you never give up on you.”

And we couldn’t end the interview without a few thank-you’s from these awesome women! Jenkins went onto say that the first thank you was for, “God, first and foremost. I was in prayer most of today…I spent a lot of time in prayer. I’ve got to thank my husband; he’s my number one fan, my biggest supporter. I couldn’t be here without him. I am here, and he’s making sure our children are well taken care of. I had a couple of girlfriends screaming & yelling for me in the audience.  The list goes on and on!” Josue added that she wanted to thank, “My husband, Robert. He is my rock, my best friend, and has stood by my side thru every endeavor. I am so grateful that I have someone to push me thru when I just want to cower and not want to do anything. He makes me the best person I can be.

We congratulate both of these women for their recent titles, and wish them the best of luck as they go onto compete for the national title of Mrs. United States! Also, we would like to thank P.G. Photography for capturing some of the special moments during the pageant: