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The Road to Miss Louisiana 2017 – Molly Humphries, Miss Spirit of the Ouachita

Louisiana, which is home of Mardi Gras, has been one state which I truly enjoyed when I visited. Everything from the culture to the sights, and one must try to the food when there as well! A trip to the Bayou is highly recommended, and the next time you're there, you may even want to meet the new Miss Louisiana! With that said, you can guess that Louisiana is the next state as part of our series, "The Road To Miss America." Today we introduce you to the first contestant vying for the title of Miss Louisiana 2017, Molly Humphries. Continue reading to learn more about Molly and her journey to the crown!

Please share with our readers your title & platform.
My title is Miss Spirit of the Ouachita, and my platform is “Marathons with Meaning”.

How long have you competed in pageants? How do you think you’ve personally grown with all your prior pageant experience?
I have competed in pageants on and off since 2010. My first title was “princess peach” when I was 5 years old, but I didn’t truly start competing knowingly until high school. I have grown tremendously through pageants; I can speak to any age group about any topic at any time, and I have pushed myself to conquer obstacles. I have learned what I am made of.

In regards to your platform, why did you choose to go with this particular one?
I chose my platform because I love running marathons, and I am also an Oncology Nurse. Running marathons in honor of my patients has been the most fulfilling time of my life. My patients say that they are so honored that I do it for them, it is an emotional motivator for me to finish, and it gives me purpose.

How has working alongside your platform made you into a stronger person?
Working for my platform has made me a stronger person in every way possible. I am strengthened physically because my body can race 26.2 miles without much fatigue. I am strong mentally because I know that I can go the distance in any situation. I am strong spiritually and emotionally because of depending on God to be able to finish my races, and honoring my patients by dedicating races to them. Every mile has been a memory, and the miles have made me who I am.

What have you learned from your current Miss Louisiana, Justine Ker which you hope to carry with you if you were to win the title of Miss Louisiana?
I grew up with Justine Ker; we were Fleur-de-Lis princesses together for Former Miss Louisiana, Molly Causey in 2005. Justine’s growth from then to now has been unbelievable! She is now confident, polished, outgoing, and an example of how hard work can transform someone.

As a title-holder, what is one of the single-most important messages, which you think you convey to your followers?
As a title-holder, the single most important message that I want to convey to my followers is as follows: pageants are temporary, but God is eternal. Knowing Him is all that matters in life. Pageants are merely an avenue to tell others about Him.

If you were to win the title of Miss Louisiana, what is the one thing which you would strive the hardest to accomplish?
If I win the title of Miss Louisiana, my biggest goal would be to have people of all ages know about God’s love for them. As I previously mentioned, being a titleholder, and Miss Louisiana, puts you in a position where thousands of people know your name and what you stand for. What will your message to them be? I love the scripture, Esther 4:14, “Who knows if you were not born for such a time as this?”

Imagine you’re competing for Miss America, and your roommate has never visited Louisiana; how would you describe your state to your roommate?
I can imagine that this would be a very comical conversation for someone that has no idea of what Louisiana is like. I would first begin explaining that there is the culture of north Louisiana, which is your typical southern living, vs South Louisiana, which is extremely laid back, party-atmosphere, known for Mardi-Gras celebrations, and plantation-Style homes. We are known for extremely humid weather year-round, the alligator is a symbol of Louisiana, and everyone is extremely full of faith and southern hospitality. We all come together at our point of need, and we all believe that hard work and caring for others is the way to live. We enjoy spicy food and summer evenings on the porch. Louisiana is the only state with parishes. It is truly a gem, and a world of its own; you must visit it to understand.

If you could place three items in a time capsule, which represent the women of today, what would they be and why?
If I could place three items in a time capsule that represent the women of today, it would be a Bible, a monogrammed initials, and a dumbbell. The Bible symbolizes how the women of today have faith in God like never before, the monogram illustrates the popular trend of putting initials on both women and baby clothes, and the dumbbell would show that women are committed to physical strength like never before. Women are breaking stereotypes by lifting weights and chasing their dreams.

Because of media, many people tend to look at pageant with a very scrutinizing opinion; For you, personally, what have been some of the biggest benefits of being a part of the Miss America Organization. And how would you share the positive nature of pageants with others who may not be familiar?
It is easy to scrutinize something that one does not fully understand. Personally, being a part of the Miss America Organization has lit a fire on the inside of me to achieve things that I once thought impossible. I have gained a sisterhood that is compiled of all the friends that I have ever made while competing against myself in pageants. I have learned to speak with confidence in front of a crowd, and leaned the importance and role of giving back to my community.

“Bravura” is an artistic word for exceptional; in your opinion, what makes you “bravura”?
In my opinion, I feel that what makes me “bravura” is the amount of personal growth that I have experienced that has led me to where I am today. I have overcome bullying, insecurities, and learned to turn those into qualities that empower others and lift them up. I have decided that I do not want others to ever feel insecure, bullied, or inferior. I go out of my way to comfort others, encourage others, and let them know that they are winners just for never giving up.

Where can fans follow you on social media?
My Facebook page is listed underneath “Miss Spirit of the Ouachita, Molly Humphries”.

What advice do you have for those who want to take part in pageants?
Get ready for the ride of your life; you make lasting friendships, become the best version of yourself, and have fun in front of an audience that wants to see you succeed.

What words of thanks do you have for those who have helped to bring you to where you are today in the Miss Louisiana Class of 2017?
I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has gotten me to the point that I am today. I am a reflection of all the people in my life that have contributed to my cause; to God be the glory.

What final words do you have for the readers of Bravura Magazine?
All in all, to God be the glory! Everything is for Him, through Him, and by Him. Hold nothing back; you can achieve anything! Run a marathon–run 5 marathons! Ignore those who discourage your dreams, and never let a day go by without telling your family and friends how much you love them.

To learn more about the Miss Louisiana Organization, visit this link! Keep it locked on as we share with you more contestants vying for the title of Miss Louisiana 2017 and introduce you to the new title-holder!