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Ajaxxx Releases “Broken Dreams” Music Video

Our friendship with Orlando-based Hip-Hop artist Ajaxxx, has grown over the years. And a few years ago, we worked with him on his music video "One of a Kind." Our editor even provided the female vocals for that track! And now we're back together to bring you his next video, "Broken Dreams." The song was produced by Santiago Skillz, and features singer Anais Hernandez as well. Ajaxxx stated, "From multiple recording sessions to a three-day shoot in New York, it's amazing to see one of your own songs come to life the way this has."

He continued. "It's been an incredible journey and I'm extremely grateful to have reached this point. Finally, the video is here." And we are also equally excited because this has been a complete in-house production for the video!

The video was directed by our Director of Photography, Rafael D. Ortiz of InFocus Film Works. And the Assistant Director was our very own, Prashanth Gorantala of P.G. Photography.

When asked about the emotion behind the song, Ajaxxx said, “I’ve mentioned this before but this song is really personal to me. In fact, it’s one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. From self doubt to lost love, I open up about certain insecurities while also reminding myself (and hopefully you) that it’s important to remain positive through it all.”

And you truly to get the essence of that when you listen to the song and watch the video.

Ajaxxx wanted to leave our readers with one final thought, “I hope the video conveys this message. And of course, I hope you feel it as much I did when I wrote it.”

We would also love to thank Howl at the Moon, in New York City, for letting us partner with you as one of the venues where we shot the video! Be sure to like & share the video!!