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The Road to Miss America – Miss Arkansas Savvy Janine Shields

Photo Courtesy of The Miss America Organization

Our next contestant to be featured in “The Road to Miss America,” is Miss Arkansas Savvy Janine Shields.

Age: 21

Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Platform Issue: Eat Better, Live Better

Talent: Jazz Dance

Education: A Senior working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a minor in Business from University of Arkansas

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a Masters of Fine Arts and ultimately teach on the university level

Scholastic Honors: National Honor Society, Dean’s List, High Honors Graduate Fayetteville High School

My Defining Moment: My defining moment was when I became an art major, because in doing so, I came to realize that there are so many different lifestyles and beliefs other than my own and that they are all equally validated.

My Secret Wish or Dream: My secret dream is to be a background dancer for Beyoncé.

In addition to serving as an ambassador for CMN Hospitals, I would like to educate people on how the foods we eat make an impact on our world.  We can all make daily choices that will help us eat better, live better. I encourage people to take control of their health and take on the challenge to reduce our nation’s rate of obesity and the chronic metabolic diseases that can be prevented with dietary intervention. On a personal note, I try to set the standard high – I serve, laugh, encourage, and make a positive influence everywhere I go. I have never met a stranger!

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