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An Open Letter to Dr. Palmer

Dear Dr. Palmer,As the highly educated American, which you claim to be — having attended dentistry school and such — I am appalled that you would make such an uneducated decision on your most recent trip to Zimbabwe. There are only two words which come to mind when I think about you and your most recent action towards Cecil — killer and coward.

You’re a killer because you hunted an endangered animal, killed it, skinned it, and left it to die. Tell me, what benefit did you get from this? Did it arouse you? Did you obtain pleasure from it? Did it bring the biggest smile to your face? Or was it pure insanity? Do tell me, because I am sure myself and the thousands of people who are looking to kill you, are dying to know.

You’re a coward because you cannot face the honest truth of what you did; you’re hiding from the press and media. Why? Are you afraid that you’re going to get chewed up? Because that is now the fate of the 24 cubs which have been left behind because Cecil is no longer there to protect them. Or are you just that shameless that you want to avoid the situation as if it never happened?

I hope the American Dental Association decides to revoke you from ever being a practicing dentist again; because as it already seems on social media, your business has plummeted. Did you just ever think that your actions in Zimbabwe could or would even affect those who are working at your practice? At least we hope that your employees are normal humans, unlike you, who have a conscious & moral, and overall understanding that your actions were ILLEGAL and WRONG!

Ask yourself one deep & honest question: was it truly worth the $55,000 to kill Cecil and now deal with the backlash of your actions?

You’re an idiot; a scoundrel; an inconsiderate human being, who does not deserve to live another day. You should be locked up in a jail cell with lions preying around you, wondering when they will jump & attack you. But unlike you, lions do not attack unless they feel threatened. Maybe you should know what it’s like to be shot by an arrow, barely able to walk 30+ miles in the sweltering heat, trying to find safety, and then fall to your death, only to be beheaded and skinned.

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful upcoming vacation? I am sure there are plenty of people in the world who can make that possible for you if you’re truly interested in another adventure.

The Scientific American shared an article in October of 2014, which stated, “The African lion (Panthera leo leo) faces the threat of extinction by the year 2050, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service director Dan Ashe warned today.” And you just brought that number down to one.

But again, it’s like throwing water on a rock — nothing will happen. I said before, you have left 24 cubs and numerous other members of Cecil’s pride vulnerable to death now. Do you understand that your actions have greatly impacted the idea of the African lion being endangered even more? It has been proved that African lions can live up to 14 years, and sometimes even 20 — Cecil still has his life ahead of him.

For those reading this article, don’t be afraid and hide behind a curtain like Cecil is; man up and sign the petition in honor of Cecil.  Don’t let Dr. Palmer win this; fight the battle and demand justice for Cecil’s murderer. The lives of animals also matter: