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An Open Letter to Mukesh Singh, ML Sharma and AK Singh

Dear Mukesh Singh & Defense Lawyers:

Good day to you; my name is Tirusha Dave, and I am a 30 year-old Gujarati, who lives an interesting life here in the US. Allow me to share a bit about myself.

I work in the fashion industry, as a magazine editor. I dress very trendy, sometimes in jeans, skirts, high-heels, and dresses, sometimes exposing my legs because of the length. Sometimes I will spend late nights working alongside my male photographers, as we get work done. And speaking about males, there are several guy-friends who are very close to me, one of them also happens to be my best friend. I love to go out with my friends, both male & female, especially at night. I will enjoy a drink or two, Vodka & cranberry juice being my preferred choice of beverage. And the movies? I love to see Bollywood movies, especially the last show on the first day, because it’s so packed! I also love to travel to all different places in the world; and I will speak with random people, making new friends. I also go on dates with people who are non-relatives. Such a shame, right? I am a disgrace to the “Indian culture;” a culture where you think women are like a flower and should be protected by a man. That is why I choose to always have my guy friends around when I go out at night; but then you turn it around on us women, and make it a reason for you to rape us. How is that fair?

In the dictionary there is a word called HYPOCRITE. Allow me to give you the definition of the word:

1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

That is what the three of you are; but then again Mukesh Singh, in your “defense,” you are an uneducated, lousy, good-for-nothing, human being. So there is no point on you even understanding what that word means. You grew up in a village; you have no sense of life, or everything surrounding you.

Wrong; for me to say that, it would mean I am stereotyping you. And that as a “villager,” you have no idea what is right or wrong. But see, that is the difference between you and me. There are so many people who have come from small villages and have lead a successful life; they have made something of themselves. But you…you chose to tread down the wrong path. You could have had a good future. But now, not even 30 years old, the entire world hates you. Your parents are living in a fantasy world that you did nothing wrong. And you’re months away from being killed.

Why? Because you decided to rape and kill someone. But Mukesh let me ask you something: do all of the Bollywood actresses need to be raped also? They wear such revealing clothes in the movies. And when they go these award shows, they dance to “item songs,” and they wear saris where the blouses now look like bras & bikini tops. Wait a minute…didn’t you used to see Bollywood movies before you were thrown into jail for rape? So this is a perfect example, of why you’re a hypocrite. Does all of this make sense now?

However, Advocates Sharma and Singh, you are “educated,” right? You should understand the meaning of this world. Or am I mistaken? Because you’ve studied so much, you should MORALLY know what you are saying, and how it is represented to the rest of the world. So when you say that there is “no place for women,” or that you would burn your own daughter/sister alive, how does that make you feel? Maybe someone should shove a rod, up & inside of you, pull our your intestines and leave you for death on the side of the road? How do you think that would feel?

Sharma & Singh – do you have a family of your own? Do you have a wife? Daughter? Sister? Niece? Cousin? Someone of the female-specimen who is related to you? So be very truthful and honest with yourselves right now…if it was BROAD daylight, and this female-relative of yours was doing her normal, everyday routine, whether it be going to work, school, getting groceries, or seeing a movie, just as Jyoti was, and she was raped (and maybe even killed in the process), would you still think she deserved it?

I want you to be honest with yourself. I could give two-shits what your response is, whether it’s the politically correct version, or the fact that you still think women have no place in society. Just be honest with yourselves.

I wrote this in an article before, and I will share it with you all:

Research done by the National Crime Records Bureau’s 2013 annual report states that in India there were 24,923 rape cases were reported across (in 2012). The statistics then go onto report that from these reported rapes, 24,470 were committed by relative or neighbor. In a recent news report, statistics are now stating that one woman gets raped every 20 minutes in India.
Do you not feel ashamed to call yourselves Indians? You are the pigs who are letting this to happen in a nation which has so much beauty to offer to the world.

Mukesh: What did Jyoti seriously do wrong? She went to see Life of Pi, at night, and that too with a guy? Big deal!You live in a democratic country, where people have the choice to go about their lives as they please. This, in no sense, gives you the right to rape & murder them. You’re a sick dog, and you deserve to be placed in an American jail, where your cell-mates, (who are male), will rape you. In an article titled, Sexual Coercion Rates in Seven Midwestern Prisons for Men from The Prison Journal, about 1,788 male inmates were surveyed and “about 21% claimed they had been coerced or pressured into sexual activity during their incarceration, and 7% claimed that they had been raped in their current facility.” I speak for the entire female population when I say: I wish you would be one of those statistics.
I hate to say this, but maybe India would have been better off staying under British rule. But then again, you once had a nation which was lead by strong men such as Nehru, Gandhi, and others. And now you have a nation where a woman must watch her back continuously to make sure she’s not about to be attacked, raped, and murdered.

I guess as women, we simply must remain silent, not fight back, and allow pitiful, disgusting, hypocritical, shameless men, such as yourselves, lead our lives for us. Maybe one day, scientists will make a way for men to become women, and women to become men.

Oh wait! That day has already come. Maybe, just maybe, Advocate Sharma and Singh, you should take all the money you have, and get a gender-surgery done. Live the life of a woman for one day. Understand what it’s like to be cat-called for NO reason, when you’re just walking home from college, or waiting for the bus to take you to work. Maybe you should have a vagina for one day, and understand the joy of what it’s like to be a woman when you give birth to a child. Or maybe with that vagina, you should understand what it’s like to be raped, and feel the pain, torture, and anguish that Jyoti did, the night she was BRUTALLY raped and murdered by the savages you chose to defend.

And thankfully a court of law saw your defense as mindless, convicting these four animals to death. And “Junior,” he will get his platter handed to him when he is released at the end of this year. So you can get ready to then defend the people who brutally attack him for what he did that night.

That night that a girl simply went to see a movie, and took the bus home with her friend.
Tirusha Dave
#NirbhayaRape #IndiasDaughter