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Ashley’s Go-To Products

As a Professional Makeup Artist I’m always asked what are some of your “go-to” products.  This is such a hard answer because there are some many lines that offer amazing products. So I came up with my top five products that I can’t live without.


Kat Von D “high voltage primer” in skin. This primer is my holy grail product! It has such a great finish to it once put on the eyelid. Your eyeshadow WILL NOT crease with this product. It has a matte finish and you can use it alone!

Anastasia Beverly Hills “Dipbrow”. When I first tired this product I was one the fence about it. It’s a pomade so it has a very different consistency and some getting use to. Once you put it on it’s not budging. When you get use to it though it is a must have in your kit or for everyday use. It is water proof and smudge proof! Which is perfect for the women who tend to forget they have makeup on and accidentally rub there brow/face. Also a little goes a long way so you will have you “dipbrow” for a substantial amount of one because it’s a lot of product but you only need a tiny bit.


Anastsia Beverly Hills “Concealer”. I have tried and feel in love with many concealers and I tend to like a more dry concealer than a liquid or a creamy concealer. I was a little skeptic about this at first because I know what I like when it comes to concealer. Once I tried this concealer it is all I will ever use on myself and clients. Even though this product is creamy it glides on very smooth and it blends effortlessly. With this product as well you get a bang for your buck! It is a very generous amount of product for the price! Which will last a pretty long time as well.


Too Face “Size Queen” mascara, I absolutely live for this mascara, it is such a great product. It gives you perfect lashes every single time. With this mascara women seem to be very intimated by the size of the brush. The brush has short and long bristles to get every single lash, but is big as well. With only one to two coats you will have very voluminous lashes with a curl. This mascara I feel gets overlooked because of the size, but once you try this you’ll never want to use another mascara out.


Buxom “Full On Lip Polish”, who doesn’t want a plump pout? I think most women would agree when it comes to this question. The answer is Yes! I love this lip polish by bare minerals “Buxom” line. With this gloss you won’t get that burning sensation you get with any other plumper. It will tingle but it’s more of a cooling sensation on your lips. I find this is a lip gloss that you can put on in the morning and you don’t really have to touch it up until a couple of hours later. What girl wouldn’t want that? This is such a break through when it comes to lip glosses in my opinion. It gives you a perfect hint of color which is perfect, if your not really into wearing lipstick. Also great to put on top of your lipstick to give you that perfect shine as well. All in all I say Buxom lip polish gets 5 stars in my book!

These are just some of my “Can’t live without products” stay tuned monthly for more of my go to products!

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