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#LEH Music Video Official Release

After seeing the music video for #LEH, by IIsuperwomanII and Humble The Poet, I knew it would take me some time to PROPERLY write something in regards to this video. And then it hit me…this video is the absolute reality about all the different types of people they are talking about.

Boys – you know that when you’re at the gym, all you do is Instagram about how many sets you’re taking, and lifting your shirt up, as if you’re an Olympic athlete with a 6-pack, trying to get people’s attention.

And girls, when Lilly is talking about being, well, everything from “booty shorts in the winter” and blurring out everything “but ya rack,” go ahead…hide your faces in shape, because you know she’s on point with that one.

I think it was just a matter of time until someone actually had the “balls” to come out with a video AND song, which depicts the true reality of people on social media, and life, in general. I can recall a hundred times when the kids I went to high school with, would show up to school in their mom or dad’s Benz or Beemer, windows down, music to the highest volume, thinking they were the coolest thing around…and the minute they got home, handed the keys over to the car’s RIGHTFUL owner.

#LEH (whaddup music video reference 😉 haha)

But on the real, the beat to this song is fresh. The lyrics are fresh. And more than anything (sorry for being a bit bias up front Humble, but it’s so DOPE to see a girl who’s able to spit some lyrics and kill it on a song)! If you already haven’t, then visit iTunes and download the song now, and support the #LEHmusicvideo movement. Request it on all your local Desi channels, and for once, cough up the 99 cents and download a good song. Don’t be one of those people ripping it off YouTube….#LEH!

 Here’s the official music video for #LEH: