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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Get With The Program

For those pessimistic haters out there in the world saying that the youth of our world is wasting away due to the fact they spend every waking hour glued to their iPhones and social media applications, I would like to… Continue reading

Kaly Is Indeed A Rebel With a Cause

In the words of Kaly himself:

This EP is an act of rebellion. 

I’ve been told for too long that I should stop.  That I should give up.  That I will fail. 

Instead, I found strength… Continue reading

Fashion Sense with Samina Mughal

Samina Mughal has been interested in fashion since her childhood. She describes her latest collection, Desert Funk, as “a conceptual wonder of senses describes this Innovative and sexy collection of clothing and jewelry that is edgy and eclectic.”… Continue reading


Ever wonder what it would be like to have one MASSIVE party in NYC? It’s pretty freaking awesome. That’s essentially what Fashion’s Night Out is.  Basically every major retail outlet and flagships around SOHO and the meat-packing district, the… Continue reading

Stevie Boi Rocks The Runway

Designer Stevie Boi is an American fashion designer and founder of the luxury eyewear line SB Shades. He has truly made a mark for himself in any celebrity household. Boi has become the g0-to designer for eyewear… Continue reading

Kaly Is A Rebel With A Cause

“I want my voice to be heard,” Kaly says as he sits with me at a local coffee shop in Downtown Philadelphia.

Kaly has been on the Hip-Hop scene for a few years and I’ve seen him change as an… Continue reading

MIA Fest Day 1 – The Coachella of Philadelphia

This past May, the official Made In America festival press conference was held outside the Philadelphia Art Museum, where I was in attendance. I had the chance to meet the curator of the event who is none other than… Continue reading

Is Jay Sean A Hit Maker?

Urgh. I’m not trying to be a hater, I promise. But when I read headlines like “Jay Sean Takes #1 Spot,” again…and again…and again…and it’s not even HIS song…he’s a feature…it upsets me! His latest song, Bebe Bonita, rose… Continue reading