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The Big B Reaches 3 Million Followers on Twitter

Late this evening (or early in the morning, USA time…however you’d like to see it), those who were on Twitter and followers of Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan, would have noticed his exciting post, “T 796 – 3 MILLION FOLLOWERS !!! Holy Mother of Jesus and the Almighty..!! This is quite unbelievable !! Thank you my TwFmXt and the Nc too !”

Of all the actors and actresses in Bollywood, he has one of the largest followings on Twitter; and it could also be because…well, everyone simple loves Senior Bachchan!

Who do you think are some of the more influential people to follow on Twitter? Who do you think really has a lot to say but hasn’t attained the following such as Bachchan saab? Drop us a line and let us know –