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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Jism 2′s Title Song Trailer Is Finally Released

Fans of Sunny Leone can finally let stop biting their nails because the Censor Board of India has given the music promo of the upcoming movie, Jism 2, an “A” Certificate.

With that announcement, the director of the movie, Pooja Bhatt made a decision to released an uncensored version of songs and promo on the Internet.

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A Secure Text Messaging App That Belongs in Shahrukh Khan’s Don 3

Secure your text messages with ArmorTextClick to download.

When it comes to Bollywood movies, such as Don 3, it’s all about high-tech technology, fast cars and the best gadgets. That’s why we said that a secure text messaging app belongs on Don 3. But “secure text messaging” isn’t just a fantasy. It’s also what a lot of people are thinking when they are sending text messages, especially private ones. Many people may not discuss it, but one of the biggest thoughts that cross the mind of millions of people across the world is: How private and secure are the text messages that I send from my phone?

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Music Covers – Sam Hasan – Tere Naina & Ishq Sufiana

Since the creation of YouTube, everyone who has a talent has been trying to share it with viewers across the world. And for many it has become a phenomenon. We came across one artist, Sam Hasan, by complete fluke.

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The Fine Line – The Rainbow

In honor of the most fabulous week in New York City, Gay Pride Week, men, women, children, and canines alike will don the epitome of sexual pride, whether one is gay, straight, or bi. The rainbow is the contemporary embodiment of sexuality and acceptance.

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Arjun Remixes ‘Teri Meri’ Feat. Priti Menon

Over the past year, Arjun has created quite the stir in the South Asian music industry with his dashing good looks, extra-ordinary musical skills, and not to mention, is Casanova voice. Indeed, he’s the complete package: an artist who can create his own music and provide the vocals to go along with it.

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When Love Leads to Abuse

When it comes to love and a happy marriage, sometimes we need to be brutally honest with ourselves – we are living in reality. As much as the truth hurts: life is not a picturesque Bollywood love story where everything ends in ‘happily ever after.’ Sometimes what seems like “true love” can only end IN abuse.

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New Music – Lucas Teague Drops Cover of Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” feat. OneShot

We got some new music in our inbox and had to share with our readers to get their thoughts! R&B group, YouTube sensations, Lucas Teague, have collaborated with One Shot to remake Flo Rida‘s brand new hit single, Wild Ones. Continue reading

A-Slam – Go It’s Your Birthday

Canada-based artist, Dj A-SLAM announces the release of his new smash single, Go It’s Your Birthday.

Featured on the track is the award-winning DJ, C-Stylez, who has opened for heavyweights like The Black Eyed Peas and T-Pain. The upbeat and radio friendly track was debuted in front of 40,000 people for the Prince and Princess’s visit to the capital. The lyrics of the song provide an insight into the various Zodiac signs with an upbeat, party vibe to let loose and enjoy!

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Milan Gosai Visits The 1920′s

At Bravura Magazine, we’re always looking for new and exciting things to share with our readers and by chance, we happened to find a great photographer from the UK – Milan Gosai.

He recently did a photoshoot at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, based in Leicester, United Kingdom. And we had to share these images with you.

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Shopping For ibanglez?

That’s right. I asked if you were shopping for ibanglez? The ibanglez is a beautiful and stylish way for you to wear your iPod Nano; yes, don’t you wish you thought of this idea a long time ago now?

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