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My Grocery List

When it comes to eating well and eating "clean", NYC is probably one of the hardest places to find the right balance. There are so many great restaurants and "fast food" options that New Yorkers succumb to because when time is of the essence, resorting to eating at these establishments are sometimes our best bet. Even finding a grocery store and lugging all your groceries home can be a bit difficult at times. However, I realized that eating a "clean" diet is essential to achieving my fitness goals and buying groceries is definitely a "cleaner" way to eating well. Below is a picture of some staple foods, which I order online from Fresh Direct - a service based in New York that delivers groceries right to my door!

My grocery list consists of:

Dole Greener Selection Salad Kit – Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Carrots, Red Cabbage

Fresh spinach – I saute spinach and put it an egg white omelet for breakfast.
Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette – I like to sprinkle it into my salads.
Egg whites – I make egg white omelets with spinach, onions, guacamole topped with feta cheese.
1 carton of eggs – I boil eggs and put them in my salads. Very high in protein.
Baby carrots – I have these as a snack with peanut butter.
Strawberries – Tastes great mixed with blueberries/raspberries in Greek yogurt.
Lemons – I put slices of lemon in my cup of water.
Red Onions – Great when mixed with spinach in egg white omelets.
Nutri-Grain Mixed Berry bars – Tastes great and good replacement for energy bars **
Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt – I mix this with assorted fruit for breakfast.
Nature Valley Oats N’ Honey bars – Love the taste but can get messy!
Broccoli – I like to saute in olive oil and have with brown rice for dinner.
Mangoes – Very high in Vitamin C.
Avocados – Has essential healthy fats. My roommate (thanks, N.T.!) is teaching me how to make homemade guacamole soon. Her recipe tastes delicious!

**Update: Please check out The Caveat About Cereal Bars post about the misconception about Nutri-Grain Bars.

In the future, I want to find more ways to cook healthy dinners that take minimal time to create. Stay tuned and I’ll write about what I come up with! What does your grocery list look like? Are there certain foods you want to add and foods you wish to cut out? Please share!

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