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Stretching Exercises

In my previous post titled, The Important of Receiving a Massage, I mentioned how consistent exercise can bring on muscle soreness or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) because of inflammation of the muscle as a result of microtears of the muscle fibers. To improve flexibility and decrease risks of injury, I turn to stretching. Below are examples of what I like to do after a cardio workout or after body conditioning classes at my local gym. Practicing yoga is beneficial as well!

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A few things I do when stretching:

  1. I stretch after a workout and never before. Pre-workout stretching may actually decrease performance.
  2. I focus mainly on my calves, thighs, hips, lower back, neck and shoulders.
  3. I don’t move around while I stretch. Bouncing, for instance, can cause small tears in the muscle.
  4. I try not to over-stretch. It’s OK to feel slight tension but not pain.

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