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Good Friends, Good Wine & Good Times

Philadelphia, PA

This past weekend, I took a trip down to the beautiful and cozy city of Philadelphia, PA to spend time with the best friends I have ever had. I met all of them when I was 17 years old and for the past 10 years, I have enjoyed every single moment in their company. They are the ones who make my life so exciting! Every morning after I wake up, I like to tune into NBC's Today Show and Willard Scott, where he announces Centenarian birthdays. One Centenarian remarked that the secret to longevity is to having good friends by his side. How sweet, right?! It is important to hold great and meaningful relationships with the ones you love because I personally believe it is the key to happiness and longevity.

We kicked off the weekend with an amazing brunch at a Greek restaurant, Kanella, where we enjoyed Mimosas and the most delicious Greek food created by chef Konstantinos Pitsillides. The Greeks are known to score the highest in overall heart health according to several international studies, which I’ll include a more in-depth post in the coming weeks. The Greek diet mainly consists of the use of olive oil, whole grains and leafy greens. It also consists of legumes (beans, peas and lentils) that are high in fiber and combat heart disease. All of the ingredients were natural and not refined or processed that don’t help a healthy heart!

Lacham Atzeen – Spiced ground lamb on flat bread with mint and pine nuts

We enjoyed a round of mimosas, which was quite refreshing to have with our meal. It was fun and exciting to catch up as we ate and drank.

Our bottle of champagne awaits!

We also went shopping and at the Sephora store, the five of us entered into a a raffle because we figured that we had a greater chance of winning. We actually ended up getting the prize! See what teamwork can do?!

My beautiful friend, Azila, with our prize. A Chloe perfume set from Sephora!

Again, I am so happy and thankful to have great friends (Yay BOC girls! #girlpower). I honestly believe they make a significant contribution to my healthy heart and the smile on my face. I love you all, ladies!

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