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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Kiran’s Korner – New Music – PASA WAT Video by Kanwar & Ladla

The wait is now over. After the success of Teer, California based duo Kanwar aka Son of a Sardar and Ladla are teaming up once again for the release of the their next single entitled Pasa Wat. The track was released unofficially for free download in early 2011 By Pindcity Records, but now fans will get to see the group perform in their new HD music video. The shooting of the video took place in various bay area locations over the course of three weeks. Both North American artists are determined to present quality music and visuals to their audience in the years to come.

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Ten Tips to Jump Start Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution

Today we share with you an interesting article from Fitness Guru, Gary Sethi. He is the first South Asian Sardar Fitness trailblazer, he is taking the fitness and modeling world by storm. His goal is simple – inspire every South Asian to be healthy and fit, while showcasing South Asian Sardars in a positive light. Within that goal, Gary works to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of individual fitness programs. He was recently awarded the Canadian Youth Of The Year Award 2011, Honoured with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Plaque.

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Bollywood’s Best Thumke Songs of 2011

Item songs have always been an important part of Bollywood movies. Just when our dashing hero is about to meet the bad guy and kick some butt, a drop-dead gorgeous girl walks right in, starts dancing away and distracts the hero from his mission!

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Kiran’s Korner – Honey Singh feat. Gippy Grewal in Angrezi Beat

Yo Yo Honey Singh is hands down my favorite Punjabi rapper and music producer because he is current, trendy, and heavily entertaining when it comes to music. Having been a huge fan of his work for a few years now, I was looking forward to the release of his new album International Villager. Once I got my hands on IV, I have to say that I’m very much impressed with the compilation. Honey Singh featured many different artists with a bunch of different collaborations; the artists on the album are Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, Malkit Singh, Sardool Sikandar, J Star, Deep Money, Manak Ali, Raj Brar, Money Aujla, Escape, Shah, and the Late Romey Gill.

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Desi Salsa – Don 2

Okay, okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Bollywood film. After Ra. One, I was hesitant. My Bollywood films have seem to take on a more Western approach and I don’t like it. I took a chance and decided to go see SRK again, but this time in the highly anticipated Don 2. Personally, the blockbuster lacks the original’s light touch, but true SRK fans won’t be disappointed.

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Simi in the City – Readers Questions Part 1

Hey readers! So we’ve decided to begin a Q&A section where readers are encouraged to email us questions about love, friendships, relationships- anything they might just need a second opinion on. Make sure to send us a code name just to keep the privacy! Here’s kicking off the first two we received.

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Simi in the City – Friends With Benefits

After watching the summer romantic comedy release called Friends with Benefits, in July starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, it brought about an array of questions in regards to the topic. Can a guy and a girl have a live in relationship and not get fully attracted to each other? My answer- Not possible.

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Bravura Magazine Releases Forces of Nature: World Tour Mixtape

Since its inception, Bravura Magazine has released a series of mixtapes with handpicked music by South Asian artists across the world. The first mixtape, Forces of Nature, was a compilation of original production and remixed tracks by urban Desi artists. The second mixtape, Forces of Nature: The Sequel, featured artists such as Ajaxxx, RajStar, and RDB & Nindy Kaur.

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Bollywood Star Katrina Kaif sets Tinseltown ablaze with her ‘Chikni Chameli’ thumkas!

With close to three million views on Youtube in just five days, ‘Chikni Chameli’, the Bollywood tadka rendered by Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif for Dharma Productions ‘Agneepath’, is already creating waves across the industry. The actress has spread her sizzling magic again – ‘Chikni Chameli’ has become the Number One song on radio in the major markets in India, Number 1 on Nokia Ovi Store, No 1 on online streaming sites like Saavn.com and Gaana.com, No 2 in the charts of India’s biggest retail music store chain – Planet M. As Chikni Chameli in ‘Agneepath’s’ item song, Katrina has proved that she is capable of championing jhatkas and thumkas to pacy beats. Composers Ajay-Atul are delighted to have recreated ‘Chikni Chameli’ which has been adapted from the Marathi hit ‘Kombdi Padali.’ ‘Chikni Chameli’ is all set to be this party season’s dance anthem worldwide.

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Sony Music India has created a viral phenomenon, the likes of which has never been seen before in India, for the cross cultural Tamil-English musical hit Why this Kolaveri Di. Reaching over 18million hits and counting on Youtube, 3.6 million Facebook shares and #Kolaveri hash tag trending on Twitter amongst media, fans, journalists, celebrities and industry barons in just over two short weeks, Why This Kolaveri Di has become an overnight hit that has now crossed over into the international markets.

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