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Kiran’s Korner – An Interview With Jus Ritz

I got a chance to speak with one of UK’s well-known music producers/musicians – Jus Ritz. After the amazing success of Jus Ritz’ first album Jus the Beginning, he is coming back with another massive album, My Life in Notes, which includes songs by a variety of talented singers. A music video for his first single that features hit Punjabi singer FOJI will be set to release very soon. Check out my interview with Jus Ritz and make sure you guys follow him on his Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up with news and updates regarding new releases.

Tell us about yourself and your musical journey so far.
What’s happening KIran! Well I’m Jus Ritz…a producer, musician & DJ born and raised in Birmingham (UK). I released my debut album back in February of 2009 on DAS Records. It was a brilliant experience to see my first single at that stage Tere Na Te Glassy hit number one on Brit Asia TV Chart show three weeks running. That album took me from city to city & country to country. Then in the summer of 2010 released JD Varga feat. Raj Kaul. And now my brand new album, My Life in Notes, is near to complete.

When did you start producing/deejaying? What inspired you to get into this industry?
To be fair…anything which had a good vibe. I started to play instruments at a young age such as the harmonium, dhol & piano. It was later that I got into producing and DJ’in. To be honest I was also fed up with the some rubbish releasing too.

What kind of music do you personally listen to and who are your favorite artists/singers?
I’m a Bhangra fan, all my close friends and family know that I love Bhangra. I also listen to the old school Hindi tracks, none of the new Hindi tracks really catch my attention. As for favorite singers it’s quite hard to state one. Personal favorites range from Surjit Bindrakhia, Lata Mangeshkar, Chamkila & Gurdas Mann.

How was the audience respond to your first project, Jus The Beginning?
It was a massive response! I still get people coming up to be now talking about the songs off that album. I couldn’t of asked for a better response for an artist’s first album.

Which artists are featured on your upcoming album My Life in Notes?
The album features vocal talents from the likes of Labh Janjua, Late Kaka Bhaniawala, Bakshi Billa, Foji, Raj Kaul, Manj Banwait, BooBoo, Ekko & many more.

What sort of mixture of songs will be part of your upcoming album?
All I can say is hold on to your seats! This album really is my life in notes…

As far as collaborating with other artists, is there any artist from USA that you’d be interested in working with?
I’m willing to work with anyone who has talent! Hit me up!

Have you shot any music videos for your new album?
Yes, I shot a video a few backs now for the first single from the album. The song features Foji.

What is the concept and idea behind your music video?
Oh…that is giving too much away! All I’m saying is that it is not your typical Bhangra video.

When will your new album be out by?
The first single will be out in December and full album will be out early 2012. It was suppose to be out the summer just gone but I’m a perfectionist. I wasn’t happy with a few songs so I scrapped them and restarted.

What else can fans expect from you in the future?
More Jus Ritz music, the future is looking positive.

As an established music producer/deejay in the South Asian industry, what words of advice do you have for any upcoming music producers who really want to make it?
Jus keep trying your very best, don’t jus want to be in the industry for the wrong reasons like fame or money, simply enter it for the passion of music. Also keep your head down low and let the music talk for its self. Peace! X

Check out Jus Ritz’ single – ‘Tere Na Te Glassy’ from his last album Jus The Beginning.

Kiran’s Thoughts: I’m definitely looking forward to the new album and will keep you all informed about the release dates. Follow Jus Ritz on Twitter @JusRitz and search Jus Ritz on Facebook. Let me know what you think about Jus Ritz’ music by emailing me via with your feedback and questions!