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Mumbai Masala – Speedy Singhs

This movie follows the path of cross cultural drama films that have been experimented in the past – Akshay Kumar's Patiala House, Bend it Like Beckham and John Abraham's Goal are among them.

Speedy Singhs boasts of a plot which had the ability to touch the hearts of the Indian, like it did to me. However, many Bollywood films with sports as the primary background have been done in the past. Speedy Singhs borrows a lot from those films. In fact, it would have worked well if the makers had given more of a thought into the plot.

Poor characterization limits the potential of the film. Moreover, the drama is dull and doesn’t quite strike a chord or generate the required euphoria even when the “Speedy Singhs” win the tournament towards the end. The songs ‘Shera Di Kaum’ and ‘Aaja Veh’ strike a cord and keep the viewers interested. The performance of Vinay Virmani is good considering that it’s his first film. Overall, Speedy Singhs is strictly ‘okay’ and is unlikely to make a great impact at the box office.

Total Stars: 2.5 out of 5