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Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

Check-In Time

Going on vacation, whether it’s with the kids, your boys, or a weekend-getaway with the girls, the most important part of any trip is the hotel. It’s the place where we’ll wine & dine, and rest our feet after a long night of dancing at the local clubs or hiking in the rainforest trails. I love to travel, but I sure as heck can’t afford some of these amazing ‘heavens on Earth,’ that I’m about to share with you!

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Jay Sean Reveals His Mistress

Jay Sean has a mistress?! Just continue reading and you’ll find out more, promise!

Via Twitter & Facebook (of course), the singing sensation revealed that he indeed has a mistress. But here’s the best part: Jay did say that the title of his upcoming mixtape is called The Mistress, and it’ll be releasing everywhere on September 6, 2011. A press statement said that, The Mistress is a grown and sexy look at Jay Sean’s R&B roots. The tracks on the mixtape showcase his smooth vocals and subtle writing and anyone who loved ‘Ride it’ will fall under the spell of “The Mistress”. The 15 track mixtape features Lupe Fiasco, Birdman and Tyga.”

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Clothing Advertisement or Sexual Inuendo

Sex sells.

There’s no lie about that.

Advertising and sex have been tied together since advertising became a big business. The use of sexually suggestive images to sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandiser’s best friend.

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