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What’s YOUR Definition of Skinny??

So make your check-list:

36-24-36. Flat tummy. Model’s body. Hourglass figure. Perfect size zero.

Is it me or is that ALL that is being focused on nowadays by the public? Everyone wants to have the perfect body. The media’s main target?

That’s right, young ladies. The million dollar question is why do girls fall for this? Simple, because appearance is everything. The funny thing is that normal teenage girls are not the only people to starve themselves for that picture perfect body. Now not everyone is the perfect figure; this leads to all kinds of crazy diets and that leads to some sort of bodily disorder. It’s not just ordinary people who are falling symptom to the ‘perfect body type’ many celebrities are also being diagnosed with anorexia. For example, Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie.

What I fail to understand is one simple question. Why?

Why would girls starve themselves and harm themselves just for a perfect body? Curvy and full figured girls are just as sexy as slim and petite girls. Even America’s Next Top Model broke through the “skinny” mold for their models. Full figured models such as Whitney Thompson, Toccara Jones, and Kasia Pilewicz appeared as one of the top 14 on the show. Everyone is beautiful in their own way; it is what makes us individual and unique. Open up your eyes ladies, you are gorgeous the way you are. Appearance is NOT everything!