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For Your Eyes Only

Sure, For Your Eyes Only, was a very popular Bond movie released in the 80's. But it's also what a lot of people are thinking when they are sending text messages, especially private ones. Many people may not discuss it, but one of the biggest thoughts that cross the mind of millions of people across the world is: How private and secure are the text messages that I send from my phone?

And if you really think about it, nothing is ever truly “private.” Nonetheless, one company has decided to take this issue upon their shoulders and give the world a solution to their worries.

We introduce you to Gryphn – a fast-growing, start-up company, based in Washington D.C.

Direct from their website, “Gryphn‘s solutions give smartphone users the freedom to communicate whenever, however, and to whomever they want, without having to worry about personal messages and private information getting into the wrong hands.”

The symbol in the corners of the texts represent that ArmorText is now on and that the messages are being protected. This stays on until you turn off the ArmorText function.

And Gryphn‘s new application, ArmorText, gives their users assurance that their messages won’t be monitored or stored on their servers. They are just giving you a more secure and comfortable way to text your friends, colleagues and family.

The team at Gryphn assert: There is an emerging problem where information that is meant to stay private is exposed. It could be the result of a bad decision, an accident, or an external factor such as malware or hacking. Once the data has left the smartphone, the user has lost all control of how the data is used or shared. This problem affects consumers, celebrities, corporate executives, and government officials around the world. Too often they are faced with public embarrassment and long media scandals that end up ruining reputations. Billions of dollars are lost in productivity, jobs, litigation fees, and sensitive data – all of which could have been avoided if there was an effective privacy solution in place.

We spoke to Bobby Saini, the Chief Marketing Officer and a Co-Founder of Gryphn and he stated, ” If a security application becomes obtrusive and hard to use then people simply won’t use it. We listened to our users and designed an application that would look and feel just as they would text message today with one primary difference…the ability to security on and off with the swipe of your finger. You can now control if your text messages can be saved or forwarded. ArmorText has made security for your text messages simple you barely have to think about it.”

We suggest that you check out ArmorText, Gryphn‘s secure text messaging application from Google Play Store. Download the app, check it out and let us know what you think about it. You can also check out more updates from Gryphn via Facebook as well. iPhone, Windows & Blackberry users stand by because the team is working around the clock to get ArmorText as well.

Download the app, use it and let us know what you think –

Selecting the “shield” option when texting, will turn on ArmorText; therefore, making all your texts in a particular conversation protected.